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How to create an AdSense account and begin making money online like a pro

If you are reading this post, you are probably looking for ways to make money online, considering how difficult it is to get an AdSense approval. In as much as there are numerous make-money-online projects, beware that most of them turn out to be scams and therefore the need to be careful when venturing into such businesses.

In this post, am going to discuss Google AdSense, one of the most trusted and highest paying ad network in the world?  Powered by Google, AdSense started in March, 2003 and has grown to be the worlds most coveted projects by bloggers and other content creators.

Ooops! Wait… What’s Google AdSense?
This is an advertising service by Google, where publishers place ad units on their websites and earn income whenever a site visitor clicks on them.

With the increasing demand of AdSense, more and more advertisers and publishers are getting attracted to this wonderful network, resulting from its good name over the years.

Getting started.
To start enjoying the profits of Google AdSense, make sure you meet the following.

  • A custom domain name.
  • A self-hosted website.
  • Sufficient content.
  • Original content (no copy-paste and copyright conflict)
  • A Google account.

NB: There are two types of AdSense accounts;

  • Hosted AdSense account
  • Upgraded account

Hosted account
This is the simplest AdSense account that normally gets approved between a few hours to a maximum of 24 hours. The only limitation of a hosted AdSense account is that it cannot be used to deliver ads outside Google. In particular, they can only be used to monetize YouTube channels and BlogSpot blogs.

On the other hand Upgraded full AdSense accounts can be used on websites not owned by Google, e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. In order to get approved for a full AdSense account that is compatible with WordPress (Self-hosted WordPress), you need much more requirements than the hosted account.

How to get approved for a full AdSense account.

1. Create your blog
The first thing is always deciding on the kind of blog you want to create. Think of a good subject like making money online, web development, technology, parenting, education, business etc.

Decide on the appropriate content management system. Though there are many platforms to choose from, I recommend WordPress. Here are some of the reasons why you should use WordPress to create your blog. After deciding on the appropriate platforms you can check this link, I have outlined the full procedure on how to start a blog in 9 minutes and how to install WordPress manually on cPanel.

2. Choose an appropriate theme.
Make sure your theme is very responsive, one of the factors considered by Google when approving vetting your site. There are many free themes on the WordPress repository, but bear in mind some of these are copyrighted too. Here are some of the reasons I recommend using premium themes, but free is the way to go if you are a beginner.
Write your information well, NEVER forget to include about us, Contact us, Terms of Service and Privacy policy. You can click this link to generate a custom privacy policy for your blog.

Include your contact and location on a visible place and don’t hide them far away in your site.
Main menu should be very clean, easily navigable and most important, clearly visible on all screen sizes.

3.  Write your posts
Now begin writing posts, on a similar subject, targeting a particular niche. Never download images from the internet, most of them are copyrighted and this is the main reason Google would reject your site approval. However there are various sites where you can get free images.

Make sure your posts have sufficient content (long enough) and free from grammatical errors.
Remember, Google supports only some languages, so make sure your blog language is supported by AdSense before you even go far.

Write about 15-20 posts, in a very good layout.

Remember, your posts should have value that makes Google believe they will be of help to your site visitors.

4. Acquire a Google account.
This is simply an email address with a extension. For example, it could be

5. Remember you cannot apply for an AdSense account with a new domain. So make sure your domain is at least 45 days old before applying for AdSense.

When ready, Go to this link and follow the steps, then add your site’s domain in the space provided.

NB: If your AdSense fails approval, Google always lists the possible reasons for the rejection. Correct that and resubmit. My AdSense account was approved after my 14th re-submission.


If you need any help, or comments, let me know in the comments section below, and I will be very happy to help.

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