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Last night: How I slept inside

They all know me, Duke Bosire – a Kisiian cum Nakurunese, or rather a Nakuruan who dwells in one of the poorest villages (Sewee) in the outskirts of Nax Vegas town, and of course the folk behind

This is how it started;

It was around 8:07 pm, when we met at one of the corridors, along the avenue connecting Tuskys Magic near Loika Complex and Total petrol station behind Stagematt.   They were three; one was short while the other two were double his height.  The piece of cigar in his mouth was crying for a break, but anyway it was nearing the grave.

Their long dark blue jackets, without pockets made them look like ordinary charcoal burners and when they greeted me, I just answered and wished I could get my way off fast, with the chocking smoke flying behind me, but little did I know it was my day.   ‘Ngoja! Unaenda wapi, na unatoka wapi?’ One of the f***rs asked me.

What a stupid question? ‘Should I show you the Tuskys cash receipt alongside this plastic bag am carrying?’ Well, I didn’t say that, it was just a thought that crossed my mind at that time.

Considering the rate of crime in Kenya that has come as a result of two great jokers, hooligans kept in place just to defecate words mannerlessly in public, insulting fellow citizens; I just decided to come slow. The reason being; fire. I just respect anybody with fire…yea, even an empty matchbox.

It seemed a joke in the beginning, but thirty minutes later, I found myself languishing in a smelly little police cell with a seething bucket of human waste simmering next to me.

I am most certainly not used to that kind of hard life, and I was wondering when I would finally get home to my warm bed, my clean bathroom and finally sit in front of my Mac, to write this post.

When my uncle arrived there this morning, I heard one of the police say, “Afande, hii ni crew ya delta.” Those words…Continue reading

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