Web design | Duke Arap Bosire, MBS

Web design

I have been designing websites since 2011. My  web design process allows me to capture your ideas and translate them into a strategic web presence that makes an impact on your site’s audience. Your ideas will be represented on the web in a way that gives viewers not only a better understanding of your company or organization, but also a feel for its principles, overall mission and vision, and business objectives.

I have specialized on the four major content management systems, i.e Joomla, WordPress, Magento and Drupal.  It’s my responsibility to ensure every site I develop is completely responsive and appealing. I can customize existing themes and templates, alongside cool modules and plugins, or just start off from scratch and come up with a great project within a few days.

Having been in this field for long, I have developed a habit of letting my clients  explain what they really want, then I can suggest modifications where appropriate. During this process I take my time to describe and take my clients through the whole process before the actual design begins, to let them know what to expect after completion of the project.